Does your garden really matter that much?

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Does your garden really matter that much?

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Q: I am planning to put my home on the market and have spent a lot of time decluttering and making it presentable inside, but the garden is still in a mess – does the garden really matter all that much?

A: In a word, yes.

The front of the property creates that all-important first impression and can influence a potential buyers’ decision whether to view or not. Bear in mind that the front garden will be in the photographs used to present the property in marketing, it’s where the For Sale board will be erected and is the most prominent thing that anyone doing a ‘drive-by’ before booking a viewing will see.

property southwestBack gardens don’t necessarily form part of that first impression but if a back garden is nice and neat, a photo of it will be used in its marketing, making the property more appealing. People can be put off buying a home with an unruly garden, particularly those who don’t enjoy gardening and those with children.

That said, your gardens don’t have to resemble something designed by Capability Brown – they just need to be clean and tidy.

So, here’s our ‘Top 10 tips’ for a presentable garden:

  1. Tidy away any tools, hoses, toys or other equipment
  2. Make sure lawns are mown and edges are neat
  3. Pull out all of the weeds and remove any that pop through
  4. Trim bushes and shrubs and remove the trimmings
  5. Deadhead any seasonal flowers
  6. Remove any algae from patios and paving slabs by power washing
  7. Remove any moss and debris from decking and re-stain if necessary
  8. Fix any broken fencing and re-stain if necessary
  9. Clean any plant pots, ornaments and water features
  10. And clean the windows of the property – although not part of the garden, they form a backdrop and greatly influence that first impression.


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