Lifestyle counts more than ever

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Lifestyle counts more than ever

the Experts in Property, held its latest Westcountry Property Exhibition in London last week. Steve Moir, chairman of the network, reports a renewed positivity in the market. He said…

“Judging by the buyers and sellers who called into Lawson and Daughters in Fulham during our London exhibition, there seems to be some renewed activity and a greater air of positivity in the London housing market.

The reports in the trade media were confirmed – we witnessed evidence first hand that many people in the Capital have tired of all the Brexit shenanigans. With the correction in prices in London, property has also become a little more affordable so many of those who were putting off a move are now revisiting the idea and taking action.

There is still clearly a pent-up demand for relocation to the Westcountry and we expect to see more activity in the coming months, especially from families looking for a better lifestyle.

Buyers are constantly surprised by how much more affordable prices are in the Westcountry, which goes some way to offsetting any reduction in salary when moving. Having said that, employers are also becoming increasingly more flexible with regard to home working which means that for some, moving home doesn’t necessarily have to mean a change in jobs too.

It would seem that lifestyle counts more than ever these days, and with both employees and employers recognising the value in wellbeing and a healthy life/work balance, the daily grind of working and commuting within London is becoming increasingly less desirable, and less necessary.

Our social media marketing campaign was very successful. Our website, facebook and twitter accounts recorded a surge of interest in the lead up to the event, helped by a number of London organisations sharing our posts.”


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The Experts in Property holds regular Westcountry Property Exhibitions in London, the next of which will take place in October.

If you would like your property included in the Experts in Property’s next London exhibition, get in touch with your local estate agency member – look for the Experts in Property logo or visit the Agent’s Directory at We will make sure your property gets the exposure it deserves.

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