Top Packing Tips and Hacks for Moving House

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Top Packing Tips and Hacks for Moving House

Packing for moving to a new house may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. If you make a clear plan and tackle the packing room by room, packing for your house move will be stress-free.

This article features the top 6 packing tips along with a few packing hacks to help with your house move. From the benefit of decluttering your home to how to pack up your whole house, we’ll cover everything.

1. Declutter

Before you attempt to start packing, you should declutter your belongings. By decluttering your whole house, you will not only allow for a fresh start at your new home, but you will also save money on your house removal cost.

Set aside items you want to donate to charity, sell or just recycle. You can use the money made from decluttering towards the cost of your removal or for a celebratory meal out once you’ve moved in.

2. Start early

By making a head start on your packing, you will be able to set yourself a clear time frame for your packing. Set yourself deadlines for when each room has to be packed by. If you start the packing early enough, you can afford to take it slow, which will help to eliminate any stress.

Make a clear plan of where you want to start packing and slowly work your way through the house. Once you have an idea of how much stuff you’ll be bringing with you, you can use  Compare My Move to find a reputable removal company.

3. Create an inventory

Make an inventory that documents everything you pack. Label and number each box and add this to your packing inventory. By doing this, you will find it easier when it comes to unpacking in each room at your new house.

By creating a packing inventory for your house move, you will know exactly where everything is when it comes to your packing.

4. Pack room by room

Start packing room by room to ensure everything is in the same place when it comes to unpacking rooms. It’ll be easier to pack up room that you use the least such as the attic or garage, keeping items out that you’ll need until the last minute, such as kitchen utensils and toiletries.

5. Pack an emergency bag

Pack a separate back of essentials and emergency items that will stay with you throughout the move. Items such as medication, phone and laptop chargers, passports and any important documents.

By packing an emergency bag, you’ll know exactly where important items are when you need them. Your emergency bag of essentials should stay with you at all times and not in the removal van, just in case of an emergency.

6. Make the most of what you have

Collect packing materials and cardboard boxes from local shops or friends and family. Use towels, pillow cases and bed sheets to wrap fragile items such as mirrors and photo frames. By doing this, you’ll be taking up less space in the removal van, reducing the cost of your house move.

Top Packing Hacks

● Pack your clothes by leaving them on the hangers and placing them into a few black bags.
● Place your books in a suitcase to spread out the weight when moving them.
● Don’t overload cardboard boxes as it’ll just make the box heavier to carry.
● Pack plates vertically with bubble wrap in between to avoid damage.

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